New Technology

8 Row Tortilla Line

  • 8,000 - 10,000 Dozen Corn Tortillas per Hour
  • Both Thin Tortilla Chips and High Moisture Table Tortillas
  • New Infrared Oven Technology brings 35 % greater efficiency!
  • Complete Corn Cooking and Masa Flour Handling Systems
  • Automated Packaging and Vision Systems
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Sheeter TC-1600

  • The rigid monocoque frame has minimal penetrations and clutter so that sanitation is easy and complete.
  • The Sheeter's heavy duty grooved casters are mounted using heavy duty sealed roller bearings that provide ease of movement and never need maintenance.
  • Utilizes an RPM sensor, this provides the ability to very accurately calculate production based on actual work pieces per minute.
  • Elevated rear roller and cut-away frame design offering unprecedented access to key areas.





Masa Mixer

  • The JC Ford Masa mixer is equipped with a sigma style mixing blade oriented in a horizontal fashion.
  • Capacity: Up to 600 lbs of wet masa.
  • Dump height: 23" above the floor.
  • Dump angle: 120 degrees max.
  • Hydraulic bowl tilting system.
  • Main mixing blade: Heavy-duty shaft mounted 15hp gearbox.
  • PLC logic controls with push style buttons and touch screen HMI.






Automatic packaging systems incorporating our high speed counter stacked with smart belt technology to automatically move product from the counter stacker to bagging. System available for both corn and flour tortillas and can be designed to handle multiple lines into one bagger.

Smart belt technology stages tortilla stacks from the counter stacker on to a single feed belt and transfers stacks to the bagging system. System can be configured to match you production and factory needs.



Counter Stacker CSPS

  • Tortilla counter stacker
  • Corn: 2,4,6 row capabilities
  • Flour: 2,3,4 row capabilities
  • rubber top in feed belt
  • adjustable in feed angle for ideal transfer and stacking
  • Quick change canister adds simplicity
  • Allen Bradly PLC Controls
  • Auto reset for each lane
  • Air cooled Nema 4 panel
  • Open sanitary Designed for easy handling
  • Optional Smart Belt available for auto-bagging
  • Servo positioned plate form
  • Sanitary designed for wash down
  • Non-jamming design